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Libellula depressa Credit Petar Sabol
Libellula depressa Credit Petar Sabol

All RES awards and grants have recently undergone a review to increase the support for insect science from the RES. The new criteria and application processes will be launched in March 2023 and will increase eligibility and inclusivity. Please revisit these pages or email for further information.

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RES Award for Student Science Communication

For any article on an entomological topic that would be of interest to the general public. The article should be easy to read, in a popular style and no longer than 800 words. Previously known as RES Student Award.

RES Journal Awards

For the best paper published in each RES journal over a two year period. Each of the journals participate biennially.

RES Goodman Award for Insect Physiology and Behaviour

For advancing the education of the public in the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of all aspects of insect physiology and behaviour, thereby promoting the control and conservation of insect species.

For promoting research into aspects of insect physiology and behaviour through online, digital or printed material.

For supporting exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and courses that widen the understanding of insect physiology and behaviour.

RES Award for Insect Conservation

For an outstanding contribution to insect conservation; on the basis of ‘lifetime achievement’, or ‘considerable and exemplary contribution’ to a significant project or undertaking. In exceptional circumstances two prizes may be awarded to reflect each criterion.

RES Award for Early Career Entomologist

For an early career contribution to entomological science that is judged to be outstanding or exemplary with single or ongoing impact on the science. The Award is ‘open’ and not restricted to any particular discipline or specialised area of entomological science.

Alfred Russel Wallace Award

For postgraduates who have been awarded a PhD or DPhil, whose work is considered by their supervisor to be outstanding. The research involved should be a significant contribution to the science of entomology.

J.O. Westwood Medal for excellence in Insect Taxonomy

For the best comprehensive taxonomic work on a group of Insects, or, related arthropods (including terrestrial and freshwater hexapods, myriapods, arachnids and their relatives).

The Wigglesworth Memorial Lecture and Award

For outstanding services to the science of entomology. The award will be made to a researcher who has contributed outstanding work to the science and who best reflects Sir Vincent Wigglesworth’s standards of personal involvement in every aspect of his/her research.

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Outreach (ORF) and Conference Participation Fund (CPF) Grants

Grants to support activities which further the Society’s aims. This may range from help to purchase equipment to help in funding expeditions / meetings.

Douglas Boyes Fund

The Douglas Boyes Fund, launched during Insect Week 2023, was established in honour of Douglas Boyes (1996-2021), an esteemed entomologist specialising in Lepidoptera. The Fund aims to provide young people aged 14-18 with access to entomology equipment, fostering their passion for insects and the natural world and inspiring them to engage and share their interest with other young individuals.

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