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The Royal Entomological Society is devoted to the understanding and development of insect science. We support international collaboration, research and publication. We aim to show every person how remarkable and valuable insects are and want to enrich the world with insect science.

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18 September 2023

幸运飞行艇官网开奖记录,168飞艇官网现场开奖直播 Insects in green spaces – digital booklet

The Royal Entomological Society has produced a new free-to-download insect guide. The new guide, titled ‘Insects in green spaces’, offers an overview of the different types of insects, with advice on how you might create a place for them to live in a green space near you. Insects play so many roles in our world, from pollinating flowering plants including…

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29 August 2023

CABI to publish Royal Entomological Society Handbooks series

A deal has been agreed for CABI to publish all future editions of the Royal Entomological Society’s (RES) series Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects. The much-loved series has helped amateur and professional entomologists with insect identification and taxonomy since 1949. The partnership provides the RES with a full book publishing service– producing print and eBook versions of the…

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24 August 2023

Citizen scientists reveal how the common wasp spreads across UK

A UCL press release The Big Wasp Survey, a citizen science project involving thousands of volunteers throughout the UK, has yielded important genetic insights into the common wasp, reports a study led by UCL researchers. Using data and samples of Vespula vulgaris (a species of yellowjacket wasp known as the common wasp) collected by amateur “citizen scientists,” the researchers conducted…

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